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Casting parts for Power Plant, Boiler Part Casting, We supply components for Turbine Casing parts, Hydro Turbine Components & Valves


We supply steel castings to a wide spectrum of industries across India and abroad. We concentrate on supplying Shell Moulding castings upto 40 kg sinlge piece for volume driven high quality requirements. We also supply Sand Castings in No Bake as well as Co2 process up to 1200 Kgs. single piece requirement.

We also have the capability to supply customized requirements of steel casting (Investment, Shell, Sand) as well as Cast Iron, Grey Iron and other foundry products through our family concerns as well as tie up across the foundry clusters. This is our initiative to offer solutions for tailor made requirements from customers.

Below is the range of products we offer to all industries.

Shell Molding
  • 1 Kg to 40 Kgs. Single Piece
  • Capacity 100 Tons per month
Sand Casting
  • 20 Kgss to 1200 Kgs. Single Piece
  • Capacity 200 Tons per month

Industry Cater

Country we exports

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