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Quality Assurance :: Rajrishi Metals Pvt. Ltd. | Best quality casting supplier

Quality Assurance

Within a short span of time, Rajrishi has made its own foot print on all the areas we operate

RAJRISHI has the Following Certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2008 by TUVNORD
  • AD2000 Merkblatt W0 by TUVNORD
  • PED 97/23/EC by TUVNORD
  • IBR

Chemical Analysis:

  • In house spectrometer with 32 channels capable of testing Fe, Ni, Co based materials and also Nitrogen content.
  • All heats poured are tested on-line on Spectrometer.
  • All the scrap used are also tested before using.
  • Specimens are stored for particular period.

Physical Testing:

  • In house Universal Testing Machine.
  • In house Hardness Testing Machine (Portable Hardness and Brinell Hardness).
  • In house Impact Test Machine (-196).

Test Provided:

  • Chemical Analysis, Tensile Test, Impact Test, Radiography (X-Ray), Dye Penetrate, Corrosion Test, MPT Test, Microstructure and Sulphide Test.
  • Castings can also supplied under third party inspections such as 3.2, 3.1, etc.

Projects Supplied:

  • KNPC – CFP
  • KOC – MGT, GC29, GC30
  • ADMA
  • PDO
  • Reliance Industries Ltd.

Customer Supplied (EPC – Indirect):

  • Petrofac
  • Samsung Engineering
  • Fluor Daniel
  • Tehnip

Country we exports

Rajrishi Metals, Steel your belief in Steel